2007 Veterans Feeding Veterans

Scituate American Legion Post 144 Veterans Feeding Veterans November 10, 2007

This was our second Veterans Feeding Veterans and their guests. It was a huge success and we served 150 turkey dinners! We had a large crane come and hoist a huge American Flag lent to us by Burger King. Hoo-ah Burger King! It was a great time with lots of camaraderie amongst the veterans who attended. These men deserve something for they left their towns and families to put on a uniform in the defense of their country. Their service left them a changed person and only a person who has served can understand completely.

A veteran -- whether active duty, retired, national guard or reserve -- is someone who, at one point in his/her life, wrote a blank check made payable to
The " United States of America", for an amount of "up to and including my life." That is Honor, and there are way too many people in this country who no longer understand it. --Author Unknown

The Scituate American Legion Post Post 144 would like to thank the following businesses, orgainizations and individuals for making this years Veterans Feeding Veterans a huge success through your donations. Please support the following businesses, for they supported us. To the people and organizations who supported us, support them and tip your hat to them.
The River Club ------------------- Michael Gallup
Phins ------------------- Hearthside Associates
Scituate Pharmacy ------------------- Wayne Ross
Magill & Gardner ------------------- Lewis Evans
John Broadley ------------------- Jack Mills
Lou Vanderstreet ------------------- James P. Wall, DMD
Oceanside Inn ------------------- Franny Litchfield
Paul Stanely ------------------- Stephen Litchfield
Kevin B. Marshall ------------------- Tom Reilly
The Paint Co. ------------------- Ed Covell
Jay T. Hodge, DMD ------------------- Scituate Music
Circe's Grotto ------------------- Dr. Bob Cassidy
Jamie's Grill ------------------- Conley Ford
Polly Logan ------------------- R&C Farms
Wilder Brothers ------------------- North River Marine
Clipper Travel ------------------- Harbor Mooring Services
R. A. Young ------------------- Glancy Crane Service
Maria's Subs ------------------- Jack Conway & Co.
John Ross ------------------- Bob Callahan
Lucy Locke ------------------- Bob Harkins
To our volunteer servers, we thank you. Thank you for helping us and spending time with us. We are humbled and indebted.
Susan Sullivan ------------------- Andrea Covell
Elaine Bongarzone ------------------- Irma Weaver
Marcia Robitaille ------------------- Lorraine Covell
Judi Mulcahy ------------------- Mary Kelly

Nove 10 - 07
Members of Scituate Post 144 and guests Capt. O'Brien and District Ten 1st Vice CMDR Silva

Large American Flag flown on a 150 foot crane.
Flag was donated by Burger King and could be seen in North Scituate
Veterans and servicemen in prayer.
Callahan Port Arms Rifle Squad
Navy Veteran, Bob Callahan, at port arms.
Rifle squad formed up.
MIA Ceremony Capt. O'Brien
Navy Veteran, Robert Harkins, leading us in the MIA ceremony.
Marine Corps. Captain Anthony O'Brien speaking about the birthday
of the Marine Corps. Senior Vice CMDR. Litchfield looking on.
District Ten 1st Vice Silva Raffle Winner
District Ten 1st Vice CMDR Silva.
Raffle winner is Barry Butman, the State Detachment
Commander of The Sons of The American Legion of Mass.
WWII B24 Pilot Badore,Carlo,O'Brien
This gentleman, Edward Baush, was a B24 pilot during WWII.
Brother veterans Badore (Army), Carlo (Navy), and O'Brien (Marine Corps).
Crowd Shot Crowd Shot
Polly Logan was drawing the winning raffle tickets.
You can see Sean Harris, Chairman of The Board of Selectmen for
Scituate, at the table by the exit sign.
Crowd Shot Table 1
You can see that we had a good crowd. I was told
we served 150 turkey dinners.
At this table we see Lou Vanderstreet, WWII & Korean Navy Submarine
veteran and Air Force veteran Paul Stanley.
Table 2 Table 3
You can see at the table in front Army Vietnam veteran Doug Litchfield
and also at this table is his father Franny who is a Army Air Cops veteran of WWII.
At this table sits our Master at Arms, Dennis Badore, who
served with the Army Signal Corps in Vietnam.
Table 4 Table 5
At this table you see Marine Capt. O'Brien,
Army Major, Ted Kent, and from the Cohasset Post is
Tom Wigmore, the Sons (SAL) commander for the Cohasset Post
and Barry Butman, the State Detachment
Commander of The Sons of The American Legion of Mass
On the right is retired Navy Commander, Robert Young.
In this shot of this table is our Past Commander Conley Ford.
Conley served in the Air Force.

Mr Vitty and Mr. Harkins
Retired Army Captain Gary Vitty and Navy First Class Petty Officer Bob Harkins.

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