Scituate American Legion Post 144 History

Here you see members of the old Scituate Post 31 marching in a parade. Looks like they are marching down First Parish Rd. by the common. Parade Civil War Vets
The Grand Army Hall, known as the GAR hall, was a favorite gathering spot for Scituates veterans and was the focal point for veterans activities. Originally built as a church chapel in the early 1800's it became the GAR Hall and the George W. Perry Veteran Post 31. The members of this post were Civil War veterans. This was before the American Legion was formed in March of 1919 in Paris and chartered by Congress in September of 1919. GAR Hall

The Scituate American Legion Post 144 was started in the early 1920's. In the beginning they met on the second floor over the Scituate Police Station at the intersection of First Parish and Stockbridge Rd.
Then around 1959 the Police Station and Town Hall were torn down and rebuilt on Rt 3A. After that the Legion Post 144 met at the old telephone office on country way not far from Branch Street. It is believed at this time that Post 144 faded out in the sixties.
Legion Parade 1922 Post 144 marching during the early years.
Parade 1920's Front Street Legionairs marching down Front Street in the Fifties

Scituate Post 144 Band

This picture was taken in 1925. The bass drummer was Alson Billings who served in the
Army as a sargeant during World War 1. This picture was sent in by one of Mr. Billings

Boys State 1961
Scituate Post 144 Boys State recipients in 1961.

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