American Legion Post 144 Events

August 27th 2006 Clam Bake complete with all the 'fixins'

Held at Franny Litchfields on Maple Street.

Clam Bake 2006 Clam Bake 2006
Good turnout at the Post's Clam Bake
Waiting for the Crustaceans!.

Clam Bake 2006
A very enjoyable time for all.
Here come the Lobsters!

Clams, lobster, chicken, sausage, corn, onions, everything!
Man look at that food! Word has it that Franny has lots of experience doing this.

Clam Bake 2006 Clam Bake 2006
Well there was a little rain.
Enjoying the food!

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Last edited on September 16, 2007